We have had a lot of changes in modern science that we know. From saying that the earth is flat to seeing the other galaxies. From being horrified by the volcanic eruptions as if they were the wrath of God to knowing the occurring of them beforehand.

But how old is the actual science we know??

It all depends on what you think of science, The day when we started questioning superstitions and asking questions about everything, or the day we have actual evidence of.


We have early evidence of scientific queries aging back to the 3500 BCE Mesopotamian civilizations. They started questioning and providing an explanation of events in the physical world based on natural causes. One of the most notable scientists is said to be Aristotle. He was the one who started the basic logic, observation, inquiry, and demonstrations although, they were very primitive to what we know as of today. Many researchers are still studying his works and he is rumored to have made the theory of evolution way early.We may have under estimated the old science which was proved wrong when we found themost complex device assumed to be made around the 2nd century which correctly determined the position of the moon,sun and earth. However, the deterioration of the Roman empire led to the diminishing of Aristotle's science till the 13th century.

But Science may even date back 400,000 years when the prehumans used fire to cook or made weapons to kill without knowing or questioning the reason behind it but because they used some science behind making all this, we may consider it. They didnt know the laws of force and made a wheel, they didnt know how fire worked and still were able to control it. They have astonished us many times. One of them being the making of a pyramid. It is still a mystery how so heavy stones were used to make pyramids. Maybe they knew how to make cranes !

Oldest Scientific Instrument(Complex Machine)

we have very less known information about the modern science. But how old science is depends on what you think science is, just the making of fire and weapons or actually questioning things around us.

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